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Hello! my name is Dan, and I am a Mobile Bike Mechanic proudly serving South Birmingham and beyond...


Call, text, or email me to book a visit. I will bring my tools with me and either fix your bike on your doorstep, or take it away and bring it back fixed.


Please follow me on Twitter (@bikemandanb13) for up to date news, tips and special offers :

A map of my callout area and prices:

Green = £10

Purple = £15

Pink    = £20

Please zoom in to find your location


  Inner Tubes ::: £6

Rim Tape ::: £5

  Tyres ::: £10 - £30

  Brake Pads/pair ::: £6

Chains ::: £12

Bike Oil ::: £4


  Lights, Locks, Mudguards etc etc... (pretty much anything bike related available) - just contact me with details of what you need for an exact quote.


I also keep a supply of second hand parts which can be used on request.


"BASIC SERVICE" : £25 + parts


+ Full Safety Check (Tyre/wheel condition, tighten bolts, tyre pressure, handlebar and saddle position)


+ Brake service (Balancing, aligning replacing/refreshing pads/cables where necessary)


+ Gear service (Setting cable tension and derailleur position, replacing cables where necessary)


+ Any other basic adjustments to accessories etc


"THE WORKS" : £90 + parts


+ As "Basic service" with the following in addition

  + Full strip down, rebuild and clean of all parts

  + Hubs, headset and Bottom bracket serviced

  + Derailleurs serviced

  + Chain degreased and re-oiled

  + New Pads and cables included in price


*Suspension servicing not included

**NB: may require pickup/dropoff  (1.5 x Standard Callout rate)


INDIVIDUAL JOBS (excl parts)


Inner Tube replacement (per wheel) ::: £5

Wheel Truing (per wheel) ::: £5

Hub Service (per wheel)  ::: £10

  Headset Service/Replacement ::: £15

Bottom Bracket Service/Replacement ::: £15

Brake Service ::: £7.50

  Gear Service  ::: £10

Chain Replacement ::: £5

FREE CALLOUT!   for 3 or more bikes any day (basic service)


or for ANY JOB (booked 9am - 5pm):

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in B14



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