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My name is Dan. I have a degree in Music Technology and Audio Systems at Huddersfield University. I have experience in arts education and community music and special needs workshops, a history of catering jobs and a passion for solving problems and fixing things - mainly bicycles!


I am self taught, and am always looking for new things and ways to learn. I engage with cyclists by helping them to engage with their own bikes, through encouragement and offering my (limited) knowledge and experience as an aid.


Don't expect miracles, but don't expect to be ripped off either - that's not why I am here!


Please have a look around my website to see the unique services that I offer (not all bike related!)



After a enjoyable voyage across the Atlantic, I have now returned and am gearing up for an exciting year of cycling, sailing and music making...


As of Thursday 13th Feb, I will be re-commencing my bike fixing duties. Remember to book in advance to get your Early-bird discount In March!